Teach us to pray - Beat the Formula - Part 2

Teach us to pray - Beat the Formula - Part 2

June 27, 2017

Beat the formula!

In week 2 of 'Teach us to Pray', Pastor Andrew looks at why we need to beat the formula of prayer - we turn relationship into a process - this other person has a formula tat works, so let's copy them! so we substitute relationship for form.

Prayer is a window into our heart - it reveals the different layers of what is going on in there: what we believe; what we think about Jesus, who he is and how we approach him.

Prayer is to remind us that whenever we try to work for God, He rests, but when we rest, He goes to work!

Jesus wants us to live in a way that is about Him, and him alone, it's all about what he has completed on the cross

Praise God, that he doesn't wait on us and our effort - it's all about what Jesus has already done!

Teach us to pray - What prayer is not - Part 1

Teach us to pray - What prayer is not - Part 1

June 21, 2017

When we say the word 'prayer' what comes into your mind?

This is the first in the series called 'Teach us to pray', were Pastor Andrew discusses what prayer is not, starting with our thoughts about prayer (which if we're honest, we feel near enough everyday):

1. We feel guilty because we don't do it enough;
2. We feel obligated to pray;
3. Prayer doesn't guarantee results

Andrew explains that through grace, we learn that Jesus is on our side, He is not going to let us down, and most importantly: he loves us! So teach us how to pray!

Look and Live  - Part 1

Look and Live - Part 1

June 12, 2017

What's your response when life gets hard?

If we're really honest - do we complain to God about it? What do you do when you feel short-changed by God?

Andrew opens this new series by facing these questions head-on, with the answer that our perspective of God is what changes our circumstances. It is this view of the King that will transform our life.

When our reaction to life is to look down, we fail to see what God has planned for us! When we walk in faith and live the experience of Jesus in all His fullness, we learn to live in the knowledge that it is all about Jesus and what He has done in our life!

No Longer Slaves - Week 3

No Longer Slaves - Week 3

June 5, 2017

We are not slaves - we are children of God! In the final installment of this series, Phil shows us how when God brings us out of something, God never brings us empty handed. His deliverance gives us more than enough!

God loves you and that will never stop!

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