Teach us to pray - Beat the Formula - Part 2

June 27, 2017

Beat the formula!

In week 2 of 'Teach us to Pray', Pastor Andrew looks at why we need to beat the formula of prayer - we turn relationship into a process - this other person has a formula tat works, so let's copy them! so we substitute relationship for form.

Prayer is a window into our heart - it reveals the different layers of what is going on in there: what we believe; what we think about Jesus, who he is and how we approach him.

Prayer is to remind us that whenever we try to work for God, He rests, but when we rest, He goes to work!

Jesus wants us to live in a way that is about Him, and him alone, it's all about what he has completed on the cross

Praise God, that he doesn't wait on us and our effort - it's all about what Jesus has already done!