Make Your Move Week 2 - A Time For Hope

December 12, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Real relationship with God brings real hope.  Not a cross-your-fingers-and-wish-for-the-best kind of hope, but the kind that brings the change God has promised us all - a confident expectation of good in our lives.  This is not just our inheritance, it's for the next generation and beyond - if we walk in this real hope, the benefits get multiplied for our children and their children.  But for many people, real hope seems too far off, too unbelievable to grasp. It's not just a modern thing; contrast how Zechariah and Mary responded to the message of hope Gabriel brought each of them, and see how letting God's word of hope take root inside you and grow brings change - real, lasting change based in love. An encouraging talk for this Christmas season.