Grace for the outsiders - Week 2 - Jesus loves the outsider

December 5, 2018

Do you think that God's goodness is not enough? Boaz is a fantastic picture of Jesus & how he loves you and the people in your world. What does that look like? Why would anyone who does not know Jesus care? How does He impact what really matter to them? Listen and be encouraged - whatever you have received through grace, there is more than enough for the real lives of everyone else

Grace for the outsider - Week 1

November 28, 2018

Have you ever felt like an outsider? On the edge, not as good as.... Grace is for you. God is the God of the outsider. As we grow in grace we realise that a big part of growing up and maturing is when we see people who need grace and then know that we are the channel for it.  It's not just grace for me but also grace for them. Be encouraged from the story of Ruth that grace brings you in.

Refresh - Week 8 - The Trespass Offering

November 21, 2018

Many of us live with guilt about what we did that had a negative effect on other people - our children, friends, family. We all know our own shortcomings and often we can find ourselves looking back, wishing that we could do things again differently. This offering is a picture of Jesus - Law demanded restitution to be made for our sin against others - Jesus became that offering so that our guilt was dealt with and He repays the debt that you owe. Amazing picture of Jesus and His grace.

Refresh - Week 7 - The Sin Offering

November 14, 2018

There is a problem for you if you want to live in a way that is not fully set on the unmerited favour of Jesus in your life. Some Christians are still under the thought that they must do in order for God to do for them. Under that system you have a big problem - what happens when you intentionally sin? Sometimes we sin through ignorance but sometimes we choose it. What happens then? Under the law there is no sacrifice for that. That is why the blood of Jesus is so much more. So much greater than any of your effort or performance. Even at your worst He loves you, forgives you and blesses you still.

Refresh - Week 6 - Celebrate His Grace

November 7, 2018

The peace offering in Leviticus provided an opportunity for the Israelites to come together, give thanks to God and celebrate His goodness. This week Phil discusses the deeper meaning of the peace offering and how when we give God the best of ourselves we are freed to feast on His provision in every area of our life. This is an encouraging message that reminds us of God's daily provision.

Refresh - Week 5 - The Peace Offering

October 31, 2018
This week we continue the journey through the offerings in Leviticus and see how the sacrifices of the burnt offering and grain offering make it possible for God's people to celebrate the full, whole life of Shalom God has provided.
Phil discusses how the symbolism of this rather unusual offering reveals that peace comes from the seat of our being and is revealed from the inside out.

Refresh - Week 4 - Grain offering

October 24, 2018
In part 4 of our Refresh series Phil discusses how Jesus is revealed in the grain offering. As we consider each of the elements of the offering we see different aspects of Jesus’ sacrifice for us and how we can be brought into relationship with God through Him.
Be encouraged as you see God’s plan unveiled in Jesus’ life.

Refresh - Week 3 - 3 Types of burnt offerings

October 17, 2018

Most believers live with the feeling that  they should be doing better - struggling less, seeing more. Only a bigger, clearer revelation of Jesus can roll away the stone- the thought that we have to add to what Jesus has done for us. Andrew this week talks about how all of the sacrifices that people had to make were taken care of in the one perfect sacrifice of Jesus for you. So you could live in rest and live in more.

Refresh - Week 2 - Jesus made the way

October 10, 2018

To receive more grace, love & favour then you cannot be in the way! Our own self effort and performance mentality robs us of receiving all that Jesus has done for us. The bible tells us to roll away the stone - to get self out of the way so that life comes. Today Andrew shows us how Jesus' work rolls away the stones of the big areas in our lives - what He did was perfect - every time we see & understand more of His finished work for us then a bit of the stone is rolled away in our lives! Be encouraged!

Refresh - Roll Away the Stone

October 2, 2018

Do you want to experience more grace in every area of your life? The heart of God is that we know Him more every day and live in the goodness of the work of Jesus.
How to receive more? Roll away the stone!
Today Andrew shows us from the word what that means and why it will lead to more grace in you every day.

Enjoy the journey.

September 19, 2018

So often we get fixated on reaching the destination yet God often has so much to reveal of Himself as we walk with Him. Sometimes our experiences can cause us to downgrade our expectations and our hope for the future. In this message, Phil considers the journey of two despondent disciples on the road to Emmaus who were able to build a greater understanding and relationship with Jesus as He walked with them. God loves to draw alongside us wherever we may be. As we see God's great story revealed in the person of Jesus, our view of life and vision for the future are transformed and our hope restored.

Pastor Josh McCauley

September 12, 2018

Pastor Josh McCauley from Redemption Church in Johannesburg South Africa spoke this week at Exchange. Be blessed and encouraged by this powerful message !

The Table - Wholeness in Communion

September 5, 2018

Grace is more than encouraging words or good theology. Jesus wants you to access and live in the good of all His work. He told us to remember Him through communion - It is more than a symbol but a way of living in wholeness every day. Learn the healing you can receive as you make communion a rhythm in your life and access more of the blessing of God in your life.

Faith to possess - Part 9 - How to ground grace in your world.

August 29, 2018

Finishing off our series on Faith to Possess, Andrew helps explain how to make faith a way of living and not just something that you hear and then move on from without living in the good of what Jesus has done. Powerful truths to help you ground grace and see the finished work of Jesus bringing good fruit on your life.


Faith to Possess - Part 8 - See Jesus & speak in faith!

August 21, 2018

There is a line of thinking in the church that says I just have to keep speaking and eventually I will see what I say. The problem is that many of us have tried that and still not seen things change. What then does it mean to speak in faith? The order in the word is we believe so we speak and Andrew looks at Peter on the water and how he responded in the middle of a storm that the disciples thought would drown them. You will be released, blessed and have faith grow in you as you listen!

Faith to Possess - Part 7 - Does God count your doubt against you?

August 15, 2018

Jesus was the only one to use the expression "you of little faith" in the Bible and he used it 5 times. For years many of us have felt condemned by this as it seems like a telling off from Jesus. Is that though what He meant? And what does Jesus do with you when you feel like you don't have much faith. You will be blessed to know He is not against you!

Faith to Possess - Part 6 - Faith Pictures

August 7, 2018

Where do you start to possess the promises that God had made for your life? The word tells us that we should guard our heart because that is where life flows from. So what does that really mean? How do you do that and how do you know what is in there already? Andrew looks at where the word tells us how we can start to see the goodness of God flowing in our lives as we see how God has written the word to show us what faith looks like.

Faith to Possess - Part 5

August 2, 2018

God has already given us our promised land - a land of promises that are all Yes and Amen in Jesus - but there is an enemy who’s kills, steals and destroys and wants to stop you possessing your possession.  The story of David and Goliath is a story of Giant Focus versus God Focus.  In this message we learn how to defeat our giants and possess our possession.  So reach into God’s Word and pick yourself a stone designed to destroy a giant, put it in your heart, meditate on it, declare it aloud and see your giant tumble before you! 

Faith to Possess - Part 4 - Faith is a response to Jesus

July 27, 2018
So often we think faith is something we need to try to work up or increase. In this week’s talk Phil reminds us that faith is the response to the discovery of who Jesus is. 
Encountering Jesus and His grace frees us to step into all for which we are called. Phil uses David’s response to Goliath as an example of how faith changes perspective and how others’ do not always share your view of circumstances. Be encouraged as we recentre on Jesus as the the source of all things.

Faith to Possess - Part 3 - Faith is not blind

July 24, 2018

For many Christians trying to battle our way to the truth of the Gospel has often been like playing Blind Man’s Buff. We end up confused and disoriented – wanting to do the right thing but ending up disillusioned, unhappy and thinking all the time that God is disappointed in us. We listen to others, we try and seek advice but too often it’s the blind leading the blind!

Father God wants to direct our lives never leaving our side as He takes us along a path of faith. Let this message encourage you to understand and recognise that faith in the Creator is never blind but based on the truth of His word.

Faith to Possess - Part 2 - If you see Jesus follow Him

July 10, 2018

Faith is about possessing what Jesus has provided by His Grace. It is not about us “doing” in order to see God move but rather believing that He has already provided by His work. How does that work out practically though? Andrew looks at the pattern that God have us back in the time of Joshua - rest to possess

Faith to possess - Part 1 - Every promise of Jesus is yours

July 2, 2018

God does not make promises to you that He does not keep. Many people even when they hear about the gospel of grace feel inadequate or frustrated that they do not see more of the fullness in their experience. Andrew starts a new series looking at how we have faith for breakthrough because of grace. Faith is the result of grace and not because of you. Find freedom this summer!

No Surprises - Known and loved by God

June 19, 2018

God is not surprised, taken unaware or disillusioned by anything that you do. He knows  everything about you and He loves you. God knew exactly what He was doing when He sent His Son to save you and it gives Him great joy that you are His. This week Phil reminds us that Jesus sees us as we are and when we encounter Him, we can not only see our true selves but also see who He has made us to be. Be encouraged as we remember God's unfailing love and everlasting kindness.

Your Faith can move Mountains

June 12, 2018

Do you know that your words have power and that they direct your life toward your destiny.  They are also a key element of your faith.  Faith is really important in the New Testament.  In the Old Testament people were blessed based on their performance in relation to keeping the law.  Jesus is the end of righteousness through the law for everyone who believes.  Today all of God’s gifts are given in grace - we don’t merit them, deserve them, or earn them - we simply receive them by faith.  Faith is how we access the grace of God and faith is simply believing with your heart and speaking with your mouth what God says about you in His word.  Faith is generated and maintained by hearing what God says about you in His word.  We walk by faith not by sight so don’t consider the things in your life that contradict His word, when you pray believe you receive and you will have.  Stay patient in the gap between believing and having.  Stop saying what you see and start saying what you want to see - that's what God does.  Say goodbye to those mountains!

Centred - Part 10 - Instead of judgement, see Jesus.

June 5, 2018

In the last of this series we see Jesus and His work for you in the brazen altar of the tabernacle. David had a revelation of the 4 sides of the altar and how it revealed Jesus who was to come. This was a place of sacrifice for sins and the never ending reminder that you could never be right with God - until we see through grace the hidden pictures of Jesus and how he would be one sacrifice forever! - be free!

Centred - Part 9 - You can know what God thinks of you

June 1, 2018

That is the big issue - we can know something in our heads but what about in our hearts - because that is where we live from. God wanted you to know from the very beginning that He see light & perfection in you - if you consult God like they did in the tabernacle using the mysterious Urimm & Thummin that is what you find. You need to know what God really thinks of you - that revelation will change your life forever.

Centred - Part 8 - Look to Jesus and be healed

May 21, 2018

What God wants for us is for every where you turn you see Jesus and what He has done for you. The more you focus on that you will see life flowing. All the way back in the tabernacle the Lord told The High Priests to wear blue tassels - Why? When Jesus came we saw it was all about healing - When anything that is unclean touches grace it becomes clean - including sickness! Also we see that it is enough for Jesus that we receive just a little - when he touches you with love it is always more!

Centred Part 7 - You are secure forever

May 16, 2018

God wants you to know that you are secure forever. That means every day. When we are insecure about His love for us then fear rules us. But even back in the Old Testament He gave us visual reminders that the work of Jesus would make us secure - from today and for eternity! Do you have doubts that God's love for you changes with your performance? Listen & be encouraged!

Centred - Part 6 - No sweat - You are righteous !

May 10, 2018

Sometimes we hear words so much and we do not really know the power they have for us - righteous is one of those. It means to be totally acceptable to God. In the tabernacle we see what it means for us today, hidden in the clothing that the Lord told the High Priest to wear. This has such power for you today as it shows you how God wants you to receive from Him! Be blessed!

Centred Part 5 - Grace changed you forever

May 1, 2018

Jesus and His work to rescue us has always been at the centre of God's plan - He wants you to live with Jesus at the centre of your life and when we do that there is a whole new level of life to be lived. In the tabernacle every single detail tells the story of Jesus who was to come & this week Andrew shows us how the colours used tell you an amazing truth that if you will allow to touch your heart, will bring such and peace & blessing - Grace changed you forever and you are never going back!

Centred - Part 4 - The Church in God’s Masterplan

April 23, 2018

The attention to detail in God's design of the Tabernacle is amazing. This week Phil considers how the boards,bars and sockets of the Tabernacle structure paint a fantastic picture of the church. As believers we are lifted up, covered in righteousness, held together by grace and ground in His atonement. Jesus is at the centre of all we do and the Church, as His body, gets to be part of God's plan for the world.

Centred - Part 3 - Make Jesus the Centre

April 17, 2018

What is the point of your life? Seems like a big question. Most people ask themselves or think about it often. Grace shows you your purpose and in fact God hid that truth way back in the Old Testament and it is really very simple. You can discover today how grace can bring you right into the centre of God's purpose when we see the typology of Jesus in the Menorah - The lamp in the tabernacle. This is a great truth that will free you from self and discover the wonderful freedom of discovering your purpose in grace.

Centred - Part 2 - Undeservedly Righteous

April 10, 2018

If you ever struggle to stay in faith that God has every detail of your life covered then this is a talk for you. Andrew looks at how God always wanted you to have the finished work of Jesus at the centre of your life - the picture of the mercy seat and how that was a foreshadow of where we are today - made undeservedly righteous. When you see the detail that God went to thousands of years ago you can be so assured that He has you covered today! You are righteous!

Easter Sunday - Answers to Life’s Questions

April 3, 2018
The resurrection is not just an event - Jesus said He is the resurrection. So then what difference should Easter make in your everyday life? We all live with 2 worlds - the outside that we navigate through each day - people, jobs, family, bills and then our inner world - often hidden but just as real.
Easter is all about hope for both - what Jesus did on that day transforms the ordinary of every day - inside & out. Don't just leave the goodness of His work for one day a year, you can experience it every day.

Centred - Part 1 - Grace is Jesus at the centre

March 26, 2018

Most Christians want to be "better" so whenever we hear about Jesus being the centre of our lives we almost all respond with a yes but the truth of living it is so much different! This series is all about what it means and why it matters. It has always been in the heart of God to have His Son Jesus and His finished work at the centre of all of the world and the bible shows us that from days of the Old Testament and in fact how the #gracerevolution that is happening around the world right now was prophesied for these times that we are living in!

Farewell to Stuck - Part 2 - But they sin!

March 20, 2018

How do you react when confronted with someone else's bad behaviour? Does it control you? Do you try and control them? Are you subject to how everyone else behaves? Honour creates a place where we are able to live free and show grace to others. We cannot stop people behaving poorly towards us at times but we do not have to let that behaviour have control over our mind, emotions and lives. Today Andrew talks about how God calls us to a higher way of living - as free and powerful people under Jesus.

Farewell to stuck - Part 1 - Honour releases Grace

March 13, 2018

I get fed up at times feeling stuck - The gospel promises us blessing and fullness. I see some of that but I know that there is more. That is a common truth for many of us. We see in the bible how God does not want you to be stuck in sickness, lack of hope or vision or fulfilment. There is a great point to your life - receive fullness and share that fullness - grace for all. Andrew starts a few week on honour and shows how we can get unstuck.

Whose voice are you listening to ?

March 5, 2018

Penny challenges us to examine the influence of the voices that we listen to whether from others or the enemy. She reminds us that there is only one voice of truth and looks at the power of Gods word to bring us true life and lift us from merely getting by.

The Abundance of Grace - Marcel Gaasenbeek

March 2, 2018

Marcel is an outstanding teacher of the gospel of grace bringing hope and encouragement to churches all over the world. A close friend of Pastor Joseph Prince, Marcel carries the same heart to help the church find true freedom in grace. In this talk he encourages you believe big about yourself as Jesus has called you, and walk humbly at the same time - the way to release grace! Great talk from an outstanding teacher & Pastor.

Adventure Awaits - Week 2 - Grace produces the promise

February 20, 2018

Do you want to see something new in your life? Healing? Breakthrough? Peace? Grace promises that we are transformed from glory to glory - so how do we stand in that and see the fruit of it? In Isaiah 43 God promises us that He is doing a new thing in our lives and that we will be amazed at it - What does that look like? Andrew unpacks 5 truths from these verses that will help you to see breakthrough!


February 13, 2018

Grace is the way that you find your purpose. Even Christians struggle with the question of what the point is. I mean we know all the answers in our heads but how does that play out in real life? Andrew looks today about how simple the message of grace makes finding our purpose and then how we thrive as a result.

Twisted - Week 3 - Grace to stop judging - Part 2

January 31, 2018

Part 2 - It is one thing to get rid of unforgiveness but is it possible to stop it happening in the first place? In the last of this series we look at why pain and division is rooted in the judgements we make about people. Jesus said do not judge - what did that even mean? See how living in grace sets you up right from the start to stop unforgiveness in your life the result is life and blessing flowing.

Twisted - Week 3 - Grace to stop judging - Part 1

January 31, 2018

Part 1 - It is one thing to get rid of unforgiveness but is it possible to stop it happening in the first place? In the last of this series we look at why pain and division is rooted in the judgements we make about people. Jesus said do not judge - what did that even mean? See how living in grace sets you up right from the start to stop unforgiveness in your life the result is life and blessing flowing.

Twisted week 2 - Grace breaks unforgiveness

January 24, 2018

Forgiving people is really hard. Sometimes feels impossible. If you choose unforgiveness though it robs us of life & blessing, it destroys relationships and derials calling & future. It matters! Can you ever be truly healed & free or is that a pipedream? The only way to be free is to receive grace. Andrew looks at a picture that Jesus used to describe how to root unforgiveness in your life - it is a high definition, 4k picture of what it is like and how to live free.

Twisted - Week 1 - Dealing with your offence - Part 2

January 16, 2018

PART 2 - Super abundant grace & supply in all areas is yours through Jesus. Can we wreck that in our lives? This new series looks at getting free from offence, unforgiveness & bitterness. Nobody wakes up one morning and decides to be bitter - it starts with being offended and there are multiple opportunities for that to happen every day. How do live free and keep our hearts in a place to receive blessing? It starts with this - I will not be offended! - This will help you in this area which affects us all.

Twisted - Week 1 - Dealing with your offence - Part 1

January 16, 2018

This weeks talk is in 2 parts - listen to part 2 after this one! Super abundant grace & supply in all areas is yours through Jesus. Can we wreck that in our lives? This new series looks at getting free from offence, unforgiveness & bitterness. Nobody wakes up one morning and decides to be bitter - it starts with being offended and there are multiple opportunities for that to happen every day. How do live free and keep our hearts in a place to receive blessing? It starts with this - I will not be offended! - This will help you in this area which affects us all.

Abundant supply when we see Jesus

January 9, 2018

How do you want this year to go? How we start is critical for how the year will pan out. Most of the time we define our lives in terms of what we lack - we ask God for what is missing. As a good father he is good to us - but there is a flow of abundance that we live in when we look to Jesus - His presence is our abundance. Don't spend 2018 stressing over many things because you do not do this one thing - listen for a great year!

Christmas Part 1 - The Song of the Angels

December 20, 2017

It is all so familiar that we miss the incredible meaning of it all. When the angels appeared to the Shepherds at the birth of Jesus they announced some pretty huge news about how we would forever relate to God - all of the expectation of humanity would be met in Jesus and the angels announced to those who probably thought they were excluded from it all. Find out about the pictures of grace for you this Christmas

Victory - Week 4 - “ALEPH TAV”

December 13, 2017

What do you do after you fail? What do you turn to? Sometimes we can question if Jesus is for us especially after failure. David shows us how to handle our weakness and what happens when we find a place of refuge. We see that in the hebrew language that Jesus has always been there - from the very first verse of the bible to the very end and that shows us that He has been with you always.