Connect Week 5 - The real point of Gifts

June 5, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. The family of God matters. Whatever your experience has been in the past we need to come to the place where we fully engage with God's family. why? that is where we we flourish. (ps 92 v 13). One of the incredible things about this family is that God has given us each a part to play - if we don not do what we are built for then there is a knock on effect on the whole family. At Exchange we talk about how the fullness of God flows from being full established in Gods love for you. (eph 3 vs 14-18) and that is what the gifts are for - some teaching today totally misses the point. Gifts are for the people who receive them. They are about demonstrating the love of God for the person who is on the receiving end..... listen and discover he incredible part that God has for you today and the incredible significance that God places on you.