Connect Week 8 - Leadership that builds people

June 27, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Many people struggle with church because they have had a bad experience of leadership within the church. What then is the role of the leadership team in the church? For some they have a misunderstanding of the roles of leadership and often it is the leaders themselves that are the issue. God though has a purpose for Godly leadership and in this talk Andrew finishes the Connect series by laying out his heart for leadership in Exchange. True leadership is about building the people of God and seeing them flourish. If you have struggled with leadership before the this talk will encourage and help you

Connect Week 7 - What is ministry all about?

June 20, 2011

Penny Toogood speaking. Has your experience been that you have felt like you HAVE to serve in your church? Many people have spent years labouring away and if they are honest have felt like this is a requirement rather than a fantastic opportunity to grow as a person. Penny looks at the real reason to minister and how that will mean that you grow and can sustain your service in church for the long term. At Exchange we believe that you do not minister to get Gods approval, the church's approval or out of some sense of competition. Let the love of God transform you and you will find it flowing out of you in ease and rest. That is life giving service....

Connect Week 6 - Giving is good for you

June 12, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Few subjects are more controversial than giving. Many people live in guilt and condemnation about giving and that leads us to a place where we do not even like to talk about money and giving. The truth though is that the family of God SHOULD be different in the area of giving. Andrew looks at how we can be totally confident and free in the area of giving because of the revealed nature of God. Also how do we walk in the balance of grace and faith in the area of money? Is it true that you give to get God to give back to you or do you just sit back and God blesses you no matter what you do? The biggest benefit in giving is in fact for the giver - so get free of fear and allow this word to transform you.

Connect Week 5 - The real point of Gifts

June 5, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. The family of God matters. Whatever your experience has been in the past we need to come to the place where we fully engage with God's family. why? that is where we we flourish. (ps 92 v 13). One of the incredible things about this family is that God has given us each a part to play - if we don not do what we are built for then there is a knock on effect on the whole family. At Exchange we talk about how the fullness of God flows from being full established in Gods love for you. (eph 3 vs 14-18) and that is what the gifts are for - some teaching today totally misses the point. Gifts are for the people who receive them. They are about demonstrating the love of God for the person who is on the receiving end..... listen and discover he incredible part that God has for you today and the incredible significance that God places on you.