Encounter - Wk 8 : Freedom From Sin

April 11, 2013

Andrew Toogood speaking.

When it comes to sin, we often talk about what we do.  But the sin condition is something we were born into - not the result of something we did.  In the same way, Jesus has freed us from sin - not through anything we've done, but by the gift of grace. So the primary issue when it comes to sin from God's perspective is that it's not about what we do, but who we are, and we are freed and perfected in Christ.
This talk will help you see that when grace meets law, grace wins.  Your relationship with Grace, with Jesus, is what brings about good choices for living.  You don't need external control because you've been freed from the power of sin.  Jesus is all you need.  Rules make it seem easy, but they actually strengthen the power of sin in your life by making you focus on what you do, rather than who you are.  Have your thinking and life transformed by this powerful teaching.

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