Encounter - Wk 6 : Grace is your confidence

April 11, 2013

Andrew Toogood speaking.

As we continue unpacking Paul's masterpiece of grace, the book of Romans, in this talk Andrew looks at the issue of confidence.  The only way to truly grow in confidence is to grow in grace and love.  It's never about what God expects of you, and always about learning to live in the finished work of the Cross.  So don't beat yourself up about whether you have it all together, because the fact is you won't - there'll always be something that's not quite perfect in your world - but as you walk with Christ, knowing your faith has made you totally acceptable to God, your confidence in His unending and unwavering goodness will grow.  So when you're suffering and feel like you've run out of options, you'll understand His peace has enables you to endure, be proved genuine and be confident in the expectation of good based on His commitment toward you.

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