Encounter - Wk 1 : The Power of the Gospel

April 11, 2013

Andrew Toogood speaking.

We start on a new series this week, and it's all about grace as taught by Paul in his letter to the Romans.  Grace is at the core of our values at Exchange Church, and this series starts by reminding us that grace is not a concept - Grace is a person, and His name is Jesus.  Over the coming weeks you'll likely hear things that you've never heard, things that might get your back up and make you feel indignant.  That's ok - encountering radical grace might well bring about radical reactions before it brings radical change, but if you allow yourself to encounter Jesus just as He is - Grace personified - you're well positioned let grace change you and your world as you understand just what it means to be forever acceptable & pleasing to God.  That's the gift of grace received by faith.

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