Cornerstone - Week 2 - Galatians

Cornerstone - Week 2 - Galatians

August 14, 2017
This week, Pastor Andrew takes us into the second part of our series in Galatians on ego, and all the ways it can block our relationship with Jesus
What grace says about you is true - the law exists to condemn and it will show us our shortcomings. The grace of Jesus shows us that we are righteous in the sight of God.
Because of Jesus, we no longer need to try to earn our way - it has all been done for us!
Paul speaks about the ego as a condition of the heart, when we look at our own lives, when we put ourselves first, we can see how this plays out. It is crucial to know that whe we put ourselves first (instead of Jesus) we put ourselves back under slavery - but Christ has set us free!
Ego, alongside money, music, sports, TV, relationships and anything else that takes the place of Christ needs to be crucified in our lives, because in Jesus we are free!
Cornerstone - Week 1 - Galatians 1

Cornerstone - Week 1 - Galatians 1

August 10, 2017

In this new series, Pastor Andrew will be exploring the book of Galatians and the big theme of this book is that Jesus died to free us from bondage!
What a message! And there is only this message! If we say nothing else, that Jesus has set us free from bondage is enough to change this world - free from temptation, depression, guilt, shame, sickness and every other type of bondage!
We hope you enjoy this message - whoever the Son has set free is free indeed!

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