Farewell to Stuck - Part 2 - But they sin!

March 20, 2018

How do you react when confronted with someone else's bad behaviour? Does it control you? Do you try and control them? Are you subject to how everyone else behaves? Honour creates a place where we are able to live free and show grace to others. We cannot stop people behaving poorly towards us at times but we do not have to let that behaviour have control over our mind, emotions and lives. Today Andrew talks about how God calls us to a higher way of living - as free and powerful people under Jesus.

Farewell to stuck - Part 1 - Honour releases Grace

March 13, 2018

I get fed up at times feeling stuck - The gospel promises us blessing and fullness. I see some of that but I know that there is more. That is a common truth for many of us. We see in the bible how God does not want you to be stuck in sickness, lack of hope or vision or fulfilment. There is a great point to your life - receive fullness and share that fullness - grace for all. Andrew starts a few week on honour and shows how we can get unstuck.

Whose voice are you listening to ?

March 5, 2018

Penny challenges us to examine the influence of the voices that we listen to whether from others or the enemy. She reminds us that there is only one voice of truth and looks at the power of Gods word to bring us true life and lift us from merely getting by.

The Abundance of Grace - Marcel Gaasenbeek

March 2, 2018

Marcel is an outstanding teacher of the gospel of grace bringing hope and encouragement to churches all over the world. A close friend of Pastor Joseph Prince, Marcel carries the same heart to help the church find true freedom in grace. In this talk he encourages you believe big about yourself as Jesus has called you, and walk humbly at the same time - the way to release grace! Great talk from an outstanding teacher & Pastor.