Freedom - Part 3 - No more shame!

March 29, 2017

What is shame and what effect does it have on you? It is different from guilt. Guilt is when you realise you did something wrong. Shame is when you believe you are what you do. Your entire identity is based on your failures & mistakes. The effects of this can range from mild embarrassment to an awful sense of unworthiness that cuts a person off from a meaningful relationship with God and with each other. We struggle to receive anything from God if we believe that He is judging us on what we do.

The good news of grace is that it goes to the deepest parts of our lives and shows us that Jesus took every bit of shame and dealt with it. You can be truly free from shame and guilt - all the free gift of Jesus!

Freedom Part 2 - No more guilt

March 22, 2017
What do you do with guilt? It stops us receiving from God as we are constantly reminded that we fall short. How can we expect to receive if we every day we fail? Jesus took the guilt and all of its effects and removed it through His death on the cross. We do not need to hide anymore. We can be free from condemnation and guilt. 

Freedom Part 1 - Get to the Root

March 14, 2017

What is the root of your problem? The world and Christians alike both spend huge amounts of time, money and effort dealing with negative symptoms in their lives in an attempt to make it better. But so very few find real freedom & healing. Why? We do not deal with the root. The answer is not physical or psychological. It is spiritual. That is why we need to receive the finished work of Jesus - Grace gets to the root of all the sickness - and that root is condemnation. This is freedom - listen and allow the Lord to love you and you will receive freedom!

Grace for our deepest needs

March 7, 2017

The love and grace of Jesus meets the deepest need in anyone. We see this in the way that Jesus ministered to Nicodemus. Whenever we see people the way that He does we see that whatever they say, put on Facebook and Instagram, that there is a deep need for love and transformation. Jesus bypasses the surface and the façade and goes right to our centre - and their he gives us exactly what we need - unconditional love & grace

Never Set up to Fail

March 1, 2017

When the Israelites were brought out of the promised land they were taken into the wilderness. This was not to punish them but to protect them. Their faith was not strong enough to possess the land. God taught them to trust him and waited a generation until he led them into what he had for them. God will not set you up to fail. He will only lead you into greater blessing but we need to learn to trust his perfect timing.