Grow Week 5 - Thrive

February 21, 2017
"Come and see a man...." these words show us what it is like to encounter grace and walk away with hope. Andrew talks today about what it means to thrive. We should not be afraid to look at Jesus with all our stuff. He knows and he says we will always walk away with hope when we meet him. What are you ashamed of? What are you guilty about? What is there from your past which needs to be healed? Come and see a man..

Grow Week 4 - Discover

February 17, 2017

How often do you think about what your life is really all about? Purpose matters. Whenever people discover purpose they begin to thrive. It is clear that we only find our true purpose in grace. This is what Jesus means when he talks about redemption - discovering who we really are and then how we can live from that truth. The gift of righteousness (being acceptable to God) sets us up to see the purpose that Jesus has for us. Andrew encourages us to look at how we can be redeemed and also how we can help others to find their place as well.


Grow Week 3 - Growing in Love and Grace

February 7, 2017

God wants us to know and experience his love and grace.  God is love, so God wants us to know him.  The Apostle Paul wanted to know him more than anything.  To know someone we have to spend time with them.  To know God is to be intimate with him, intimacy brings conception and births fruit.  The right diet is important, the milk and meat of the word bring growth and countless blessing.  Jesus is the word, when we partake of the word we feed on him.  Jesus regularly withdrew to spend time with his Father.  Don’t respond to demand by working longer, harder, faster.  Take time out to be filled with his Spirit and word, and then return in the power of his love and favour.