Grow Week 2 - Encounter - Grace changes your name

January 31, 2017

Fat, ugly, stupid, failure, weak...... so many people live under the power of labels that they have given themselves or have been put on by other people. The power of this is that we live from those and they shape our lives and our futures. Jesus loves people to encounter Him so that they are transformed forever - Andrew looks today at how one person encountered Jesus and grace changed their name, their future and the destiny of millions. He can do the same for you & yours today!

Grow Week 1 - Grace says “I WILL”

January 17, 2017

How often do you ask yourself what the point is? Christians spend much energy thinking about what God wants for them. But they start with themselves. Victory and spiritual fulfilment is always found in Jesus and His work - We are part of God's plan & purpose and not the other way round. There are 4 promises that God makes to all people that reveal His heart for every man, woman & child. In those you find your purpose. Grace says "I will..." Find out what he wants for you...

Walls Fall Down

January 10, 2017

17 is the number of victory. We believe that this year is a year where you will see walls that have stood against you fall down. How though? Is this is just wishful thinking? There is a pattern of grace & rest in the story of Joshua and Jericho that will show you how how you too can see breakthrough and new freedom in this year. It will not be because you try harder but because you will see Jesus in all His perfection.