Glad Tidings !

December 20, 2016

"The message of Christmas can become so familiar, so sanitised yet it is the message of God's love in action. The baby in the manger reveals the heart of God and in the true story of the Nativity we see the glory of God - Jesus  the source of peace in our troubled world. Be blessed as you listen to this talk and are reminded that God has nothing but good will toward you."

God’s not finished with you yet Part 2- dream again!

December 14, 2016

What have you settled for? Whenever God spoke to Abraham he promised him an inheritance that was so far beyond anything he could fathom. We know the story but there was a point though that he seemingly settled for less. We do that to. but why? Whey when we have such great promises from God do we not live in the fullness of them? Andrew looks at this story and encourages us that no matter where we are that God has not finished with us. Ever!

He’s not finished

December 6, 2016

Grace lifts you up to dream again.If you have been through trials, hurt, disappointments but you are still standing then this is for you. Andrew compares 2 incidents in the lives of Moses and Joshua and shows us keys points to be aware of to ensure that you do not miss out on Gods best for your life. Inspiring and encouraging it reminds us that when we live in the flow of God's grace every day we are positioned to see God's very best happen in us. Grace empowers, equips and releases!