November 22, 2016

God wants you to flourish; He wants you to live your life to its full potential, to have a life of beauty and freedom. But a flourishing life is something that you can never make happen by your own efforts – if you have been trying to figure it out and make it happen in your own strength then no doubt you are frustrated, tired and wondering when it is ever going to happen. In this message Phil considers Jesus’ teaching in the sermon on the Mount and reminds us that we can only flourish when we see God as our Father and source of everything we need.

Restored by the God of Grace

November 15, 2016

God is a giver! In the Old testament we see many times image of the grain, wine & oil. What does this mean and why does it matter to you? Andrew shows us how this is a picture of Jesus in the old testament and actually when God says He will restore to you that which was stolen from you - be it health, reputation, time etc it is restored through a revelation of Jesus and His work. When you see the grain, wine & oil you see Jesus and His work for you. be transformed by this incredible revelation of Jesus.

Pastor Joshua McCauley - Staying under God’s flow

November 9, 2016

Pastor Josh McCauley from Redemption Church in Johannesburg South Africa spoke this week at Exchange. He encourages us to stay under the flow of God's abundance and blessing and how Jesus is continually pouring into our lives. We worry about the holes in our lives - the areas where we feel that we are lacking and our faults that seem to be a hindrance to God working in our lives. However, Josh encourages us that as we simply remain in the flow of God's love then we will experience life and those around us will see the difference. Fantastic stuff

From a Shepherd to a King

November 1, 2016

Grace chooses a shepherd and anoints them as King. In this talk Andrew continues the theme of Jesus as our anointing oil. The olive can be seen as a type of Jesus in the bible and the oil first press was used to anoint kings. We see in the story of Samuel and David how this oil turned a shepherd boy into a king. This is so impactful for you today - many of us see ourselves as limited by our past and only able to live at a level that our performance for God allows. This is not true though - Grace chooses you and anoints you as a king! Break free and experience new levels of grace in this powerful teaching.