The Battle is the Lord’s Part 1

February 16, 2016

These are 5 words for you to live by that will bring release and breakthrough into the situations that are impossible for you to change in your own self. Learn how God fights for you 24/7 and how your responsibility is to stay in grace. Jehosophat is a brilliant story that shows how when we live in grace and in an atmosphere of faith that the Lord breaks in and shows you that you will not have to fight for anything that the Lord has given you. In fact his enemies in the story turned on themselves and they did not have to lift a finger.

Face it again in grace

February 9, 2016

God leads you from Glory to Glory - whatever stage you are at the heart of God is to lead you into more. What happens though when we have something in our lives that we have never been able to overcome? God wants to show you the pattern of how to possess all that He has for you. After Jericho falls the next battle is Ai - Joshua and the people learn an important lesson - God shows them to face what defeated them again - but this time face it in grace. The result is victory. Be encouraged and hear God say to you that what you have been unable to overcome so far will fall when you face it in grace.

Breakthrough & Deliverance by Grace

February 2, 2016

We each have our Jericho that stands in the way of our ability to possess our possessions in Christ; virtual strongholds that impede our spiritual progress. It may be a weakness in our character, a physical infirmity, it may be indifference to spiritual things in general or to a specific area we are neglecting. It could be materialism or some life-dominating pattern. It may be a difficulty at one’s place of work, in the home, with a particular personality, or it may be a financial burden. Regardless of the nature of our Jericho, we must realise victory always comes through God’s plan of deliverance GRACE—never ours. Learn to day how grace brings breakthrough to every area of your life!