Part 2 - Good Good Father - You’re a son not a slave

October 27, 2015

Why do you live like a slave when you have been born a son? Too often we allow the mistakes of our past to rob us of even believing that we can be used by God in that same area again. In the story this week Andrew shows the amazing love of Abba - our heavenly Father. Religion tells us that as believers, when we sin, we should repent and if we do then God may bless us. If not then we cannot expect anything from God. But the truth is much different. In Luke 15 we see that God will never allow us to earn what is ours by rights as sons. This is a great talk that will encourage you in the way that God loves you - He is way way better than you could ever imagine.

Part 1 - Good Good Father - The perfect grace of God when you mess up

October 20, 2015

It is impossible to underestimate the love that God has for you. He is a good father. All of the time.  Sometimes we struggle to accept that because of a number of reasons - including the mistakes of our past - even our very recent past. What does God do when you are in a mess? There is one verse in the new testament that shows beautifully the love of the Father - even when you feel like you stink from the mess of yesterday. He is so good! Enjoy this truth that you are loved beyond what you could ever dream!

Part 8 - Good Good Father!

October 13, 2015

Struggle, trial, discouragement, lack. Sometimes life is hard! We all know what it can be like to face difficult situations. It is so good to know that we have a good Father. He is better than good. He is beyond what we could ever know in HIs goodness & love. When Jesus came He came to reveal only one name of God - a name that we can never understand or use outside the new covenant of grace & love - That is Abba - Daddy. He wants you to know Him today that way - all of your needs are met in this incredible revelation

What is your God like? He’s better than you could ever imagine!

October 6, 2015

What is your God like? Whatever you think He is like He is more kind, more loving, more faithful, more generous, more forgiving, more accepting, more interested in you than you could ever even start to describe. We live with a God who is too small and so what we see around us is lack and much less than what God wants for us. He is a God of unending supply and in this talk Andrew challenges us from the word that the Jesus in our minds & hearts is way too small. Enough of fear, lack and just scraping through. Our God is a big God in every way. Listen and be encouraged!