Part 6 - Our story of the goodness of God

September 30, 2015

We can learn so much from the experience of others. How have they seen God move and how have they experienced His presence & His power? Carlos Nhangaba is from Mozambique and Janette his wife from Belfast. They have such a heart for the Lord and for seeing people released into freedom. Through their work in Africa they have testimony of the power & presence of God at work in real life. Be encouraged today as they share their story and thank Jesus that what He did for them He can do for you!

Part 5 - Whatever you do Choose Life!

September 22, 2015

Grace brings you freedom. What does that mean in real life? Even though every day we are tempted to and actually act & think in a way that we know is contrary to God's best, grace tells us that those corrupt desires are no longer a part of us. That is true freedom. The ability to choose God and what he wants for us. It is christianity for grown ups. We no longer need a guardian Paul writes in Galatians because we have been set free by Christ to freely follow and choose Him. That is our choice and today Andrew encourages us to choose life - we can sow either to our flesh or to the Spirit in us. One brings streams of life and one brings decay. That is why we are encouraged time & again to choose life. This is a strong, direct talk that will shake you up!

Part 4 - Serving with Love not Fear

September 15, 2015

Fear & guilt are no motivations for living for God. Whenever we live like that we see short term behaviours that often do not last. In today's talk Dr Phil talks about how God has given us all responsibility for measure of His Kingdom. You are called today. If you ever doubt how special or important you are then this is a talk for you. God has placed in you today a measure of responsibility in line with your ability. That means you can do whatever He has called you for. You do not need to be afraid. You are able!

Part 3 - God does the impossible

September 8, 2015

Have you been asking God for a situation to change and have been waiting for a long time? Do you have something in your life - people, circumstances, sickness, lack that you want to see turned around? Impossible situations are where God demonstrates the biggest miracles. Today Andrew talks from Elijah and shows that if you are in a position like that then you can get excited because God is showing you how you will see God break in & do the impossible. You will see your life changed. You will see victory. You will see how when you stand and flow in grace, the unmerited favour of God, you will see God do what everyone says is impossible.

Part 2 - Let it Go - Time for a bonfire

September 1, 2015

This is a season that where God is saying that your life is an adventure and you have so much more to live. It will be impossible to move forward in your life if you are tethered to the unhelpful parts of your history. Many people allow past failure, past shame, past experiences, past relationships to hold them today and therefore rob them of tomorrow. In the story of Elisha we see a simple principle that will allow you to be free of yesterday and move into increasing fullness in every area of your life - it is time for a bonfire in your life - it is  time to Burn the Ploughs.