Rophe - God is your Healer

July 29, 2015

Every day we should remind ourselves about the nature & character of God. He never changes - His love never fails. In a world where things change rapidly, God is constant. In the absence of reminding our hearts of this truth we are left with creating a view of God that is moulded and formed by opinion, experience and circumstance. That is surely a road to insecurity and failure. 
The sense of the word Rophe - Healer, is holistic. It implies a spiritual, emotional & physical healing. God did not create mankind to be sick. He wants us to be well in our body , soul & Spirit. We understand that we all have questions & experiences in this area but we cannot allow that to redefine who God has revealed Himself to be. Our collective experience does not define who God is.
Take your past disappointments & questions and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ the Healer in the midst of them. He told us that he was Rohpe - and He has not changed

Jehovah Shalom - The Lord is my Peace

July 27, 2015

Peace - There is so much more to that word than what you may know. The name of God this week describes the wholeness & completeness that God has for you. That is God's grace and gift. He provides wholeness in every area of your life.

Jehovah Rohi - The Lord is my Shepherd

July 27, 2015

Jehovah Rohi - the Lord is my Shepherd

Of all the names of God - The Lord is my Shepherd is probably the most well known. From Genesis right through to Revelation we see God's people describing Him as their Shepherd. Articulated most profoundly in Psalm 23 God demonstrates His love for us like a shepherd caring for his sheep.

God leads, feeds and protects us - spiritually, emotionally and practically - His love touching every aspect of our lives. In this talk we see how nothing is too little for God to be interested in, and nothing is big for Him to handle.

Part 4 - The creative force of Grace

July 1, 2015

What would you do differently if you simply did not care what other people thought of you or what you were doing? What risks would you take? What dreams would you pursue? Do you constantly compare yourself against the sanitised simulated worlds we see on Facebook & Instagram? We are a creative church. That does not mean that we all write poetry and draw stuff. It means that when we are so preoccupied with what Jesus says about us that we want to please Him first by allowing our lives to reflect, in whatever we do, the grace & love that we have found. That is grace. That is being creative and as we do then the world see's the greatness of God's love. This is a profound talk that will inspire you!