Stronger Part 6 - The Holy Spirit in you - The Spirit of Grace

May 26, 2015

Andrew this week quickly explains why we do not want to be people who talk grace but do not live in the power of it.The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Grace. He empowers you & gives you the ability to live for God. He is your strength & help. A life without the being filled with the Holy Spirit means a form of Godliness that lacks the power that He brings to live for God. He takes the grace, love & promises of God and makes those come alive to you as power from the inside out.

Stronger Part 5 - Possessing your Promises

May 19, 2015

As you read this right now God has spoken great & wonderful promises over your life & your future. You are not the exception to the rule. Whenever God wrote those promises in His word He was thinking of you. The grace of God is the way to make those promises become real life experience. How do you stand in grace whenever your life & circumstances may look like the complete opposite to what God said He has done for you? How do you possess that promise? Andrew looks at 3 key points that will help you to possess the promises that God has spoken over your life!

Stronger Part 4 - Change every situation through Grace

May 11, 2015

Last week Andrew taught how you are equipped with everything that you need for every situation - That is how grace operates in your life. If that is true how do you "get that out" so that you can operate in that level of living. This week Andrew starts with the tools that God has given you to help you stand every day - Looking at what sanctification means Andrew shows you that right now you can set apart every circumstance in your life and let the purpose of God work through it for your benefit!

Stronger Part 3 - God sets you up to grow not fail

May 5, 2015

Having a framework for how we interpret events that happen to us is critical for fulfilling our purpose in God. It has often been taught that God creates situations just to see if we will make it or not and then makes a judgement on whether or not we are fit to be trusted. Is that though what a God of love & grace does? Does a trial have a bigger purpose? Does a God of grace create evil to test you? Big questions that we must have a heart conviction on if we want to learn to keep standing in the goodness and grace of God and see breakthrough & advancement as a way of life and not a one off event.