Stronger Part 2 - Step forward or step away?

April 28, 2015

If the grace of God promises such great things for our lives and that is nothing to do with us then does God ever test us? What would be the point of that? If we are under grace will everything not just eventually work out for us in the end? God gives us tools that help us with one express aim - to learn how to develop the character that God needs in us reach the potential that He has put in us. Andrew uses the example of King David in the cave with Saul to show that God gives us the chance to grow in the favour that He has provided for. The decision is yours - will you step forward into the promise of God or step away?

Stronger Part 1 - Anointed & Appointed

April 23, 2015

Many people live with hidden disappointments with God. Many people live frustrated that the promises that they hear about and read about are not happening in their lives. Is that just life? Is the grace of God just for the chosen few who it seems to work for? The key to overcoming doubt, resentment and disappointment is to learn that in the time between anointing & appointing that God is preparing you and you must participate by strengthening yourself in God. You have the fullness of God and His kingdom available to you - Learn how to stand & grow into your destiny.

First Aid for Life - Wayne Mulholland

April 14, 2015

As the Church, we are God's representatives here on earth and it is our privilege to partner with Him in sharing His love with a world in need. In this talk, Wayne speaks about his and Cathie's recent visit to The Smiles Foundation in Romania. He encourages us to see that it is our role as believers to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to face and reach out to the world around us in prayer, in practical ways and with purpose. It's then that real change is possible as we allow God to work through us into whatever circumstances we face

This is Real Love - Easter 2015 Message -

April 7, 2015

Boring? Irrelevant? Untrue? What does Easter mean to you? The truth is not about an angry God who has no real meaning for your life but in fact a demonstration of the most supreme act of love in the whole of history. Because of today God has given you the chance to understand & live in the goodness of his love, care, protection & blessing. You will never earn it and you never deserved it. God loved you first. Andrew looks at what Real love looks like and how you can tell if you have ever known it in your life