When God does not meet your expectations - Palm Sunday 2015

March 31, 2015

We all expect things from God. We all know what it is like to deal with the feelings that God has let us down. Maybe it's a health issue, relationships, money, job - life has many ways of dealing ill with us. The crowd on Palm Sunday had a real expectation of what Jesus would do. Today like then, Jesus had a different view than what we have and He set his face towards Jerusalem & the cross because He was working to a bigger, more powerful agenda, Andrew looks today at what the crowd did not see - it will encourage you today - God will never punish you, leave you or be angry with you again.Powerful!

Elevate Part 4 - Praise defeats your enemy

March 23, 2015

Praise is more than songs. The battle that you face each day is firstly spiritual and we overcome by putting the presence of Jesus at the centre of all that we do. There is something amazing that happens when you give thanks to God & Praise - God moves & fights your battles on your behalf. Get free from struggle, striving and forcing and in this talk learn that the view that God has is much different than yours. When you Praise God is moving in every detail - you may not see it or understand it but He is fighting on your behalf. This talk is taken from the camp of the Israelites in Numbers chpt 2 - If you have not heard this before you will be amazed!

Helen Mills - Be who you are!

March 16, 2015

Helen is a dynamic & engaging teacher who brings a wealth of life and experience to her message. This week she discusses how our culture has unrealistic expectations for us all the time - and instead of trying to meet them we should remember God loves us just the way we are! What difference would it make to your life if you were free from the expectations & opinions of others? Helen encourages all of us to live with only the live of God as our focus. Liberating & encouraging!

Elevate Part 3 - Praise releases faith

March 9, 2015

God has given you everything that you need to overcome any challenge that you face. Praise is key because it releases the faith (ability to believe God) that you already have into your situation. In this talk Andrew explains how even if you do not have a lifestyle of thanks the effects on your life are profound. We see change and make change happen when we believe God - to build our faith so that it is bigger than our fear requires that we are thankful. Understand the power of Praise to release faith & change into your world.

Robin Mark - Elevate Part 2 - This is Praise

March 2, 2015

Robin Mark needs little introduction. A multi-million selling Worship Leader whose songs have blessed millions of people around the world for many years. This Sunday Robin also spoke at Exchange and if you want to understand Robins heart for God and for Praise & Worship this is a great talk. He talks about what Praise means & why we should build a lifestyle of Praise. It is a great insight into the man & his ministry and will bless you as you learn what Praise means to you