How to stand firm - What it means to fix your heart

December 30, 2014

It's resolution time of the year again. The best advice? Do not bother! Self effort does not last and often our failure simply reinforces the insecurity & negativity in our lives. The way to succeed & see new breakthrough in this new year is to do what the great men of the bible did - they decided to fix their hearts on God. Not many people decide to drift away from God or to fall out with people & church, but our hearts drift - sometimes we do not even perceive it. Andrew explains what it means to fix your hearts on God and how that helps you to overcome and advance.

The Hope of Christmas

December 22, 2014

What does Christmas mean to you? Turkey? Tinsel? Presents? Parties? In this talk Wayne explains that the central message of Christmas is all about Hope. Hope was promised and arrived; Hope was no longer distant, but is now with us; Hope was and is the confident expectation of good for our lives. Hope is good news and Hope has a name - Jesus Christ, the baby in the manger and the Hope for all humanity.

Grace & Money Part 5 - giving when you’re getting it tough *Why your scarcity is the best ground for God’s sufficiency

December 16, 2014

God has a totally different view of your finances - He does not see what you see. His view is totally different. His view is the right one. When you think that you do not have enough God simply says that you are not seeing it the way that He does. God has never been and will never be limited by what you think is lack. Scarcity is the best ground to see God's sufficiency. He loves to surprise and show that He is bigger than your view of your circumstances. A great faith building talk. Align with God's view and see the blessing as a result! ** Also a short preview from Pastor Shima who will be speaking in January about his amazing story of being raised from the dead.....

Grace & Money Part 4 - Give to God to get to God*

December 10, 2014

*is the reason why you are probably frustrated. Giving is really good for you. The benefits are more profound than what you might first think. Do you think that because you are under grace that you do not need to give? You are blessed anyway? Can a grace filled christian just set their sights on making money and expect God to bless that? In this talk Andrew challenges us with the reasons why the only way to give is because "we get to" - The benefits of that are more wide ranging than what you might think.

Grace & Money Part 3 - We want all your money*

December 2, 2014

Tithe - What goes off in your head when you hear that word? You are under grace - does that mean that you no longer tithe? Have you been "set free" from giving? How you respond when challenged about what you give reveals what you really believe about God. You may try to argue about theology but the truth of it is that our response to giving shows the true condition of our hearts. Is God true or not? So why give? Is God wanting to make you or break you? This is a great talk to challenge and free you