Grace & Money Part 2 - Jesus just want you to be loaded*

November 25, 2014

God's view of money is so much different than ours. The problem for us is that we truly believe that we are better at handling our money than God is. if that were not true then our lives, not just our money, would look entirely different. The financial blessing that we see in the bible only comes about when we have God's view of money. What is that then? Watch & discover a whole new way to see money.

Grace & Money Part 1 - How to buy your blessing*

November 18, 2014

* & other crazy stuff. When it comes to money most of us have been taught that God responds to you when you give. If you want to see a financial return in your life, then God is withholding until you do your bit of the deal. How does that fit then with grace being the unmerited favour of God on our lives? Learn how money & finance is not a different case when it comes to grace. Jesus talked more about money because it is a gateway to experiencing not just financial blessing but way more than that. This will be a game changer for you as you learn to see God flowing in your finances.

This is Love - Part 6 - No love = No faith

November 11, 2014

Every now & again there comes along a really important talk. This is one. We talk a lot about grace. The finished work of Jesus. What do you do when it feels like it's not working in your life? Is there anything that you need to do or is that just going back under law? Andrew looks at faith and talks de-bunks some of the myths around it how we access grace. Is it All Jesus and none of me? All Jesus and some of me? What do I do? What is my part? This truth will help you in every area of your life.

This is Love - Part 5 - What does God’s love really look like Part 2

November 3, 2014

What does God's love for you look like? Is it just something vague that you struggle to describe? His love is beautifully described in detail for us so that we can know what we can expect from God. When we have a clear picture of the what this love is like it build faith, hope & expectation in us. Andrew continues this week in 1 Cor 13 looking at 5 fantastic positive truths about the way that God loves you.