I Choose - Part 9 - Faithfulness

August 25, 2014

Winston Churchill is quoted as saying "If you're going through hell then keep going.." How do you keep walking through difficult circumstances whenever you want to give up, change direction and "escape"? The truth is that faithfulness is an ability that God has put inside you. It is in short supply in the world and even the church where feelings dominate decisions. Being faithful simply means being trustworthy & dependable and this talk will show you how to release that from the inside out so that you become all that you were made to be.

I Choose - Part 8 - Gentleness

August 19, 2014

Many people think that being a Christian means that you will get walked on and taken advantage of because we are called to be gentle. Gentleness though is not an excuse to be weak. In fact it means the opposite. The word means strength under control and it will change your life. You do not need to be subject to negative emotions, fear, the judgement of others and everything else that comes to steal life & joy from you. You can learn to harness the power of Jesus in you and learn that gentleness will change you & the situations around you.

I Choose - Part 7 - Goodness

August 12, 2014

Goodness is not what you do. It is who you are. Your new nature is goodness. In this talk Andrew shows us that the goodness that God has put in us works at a deeper level than the world knows. In fact the goodness God has put in you has the power to change peoples lives now & for eternity. You can flow in and share the power of heaven through goodness. Be encouraged!

I Choose - Part 5 - Kindness

August 5, 2014

Kindness. Good for you, good for others, good for us all – it’s a scientific fact – but why do we not see more of it in our world today? Our world is built around a ‘me first’ culture which often fails to see, or worse, ignores the needs of others round about us. In this talk, Wayne shows that because of God’s indwelling presence in all believers, kindness is our character, our focus and our purpose. Kindness is love in action and we need to purposely choose it and thereby allow God to work through us to transform our world one small act of kindness at a time.