I Choose - Part 5 - Patience

July 29, 2014

How do you make sure you do not miss out on what God has for you? In this talk Andrew looks at how God has given you the ability to keep persevering whenever you are facing discouragement, challenges and your emotions are all over the place. Don't quit or take a detour because things are hard - God is preparing you for more of His Kingdom in your life!

I Choose - Part 4 - Peace

July 22, 2014

Peace. Something that virtually everyone you meet will say that they would like to have, see or experience. However, because of the common negative understanding of peace, many miss the point. In this talk, Wayne makes clear to us that peace is not merely the absence of something bad, it is the opposite. Peace is positive in that it is the very presence of God dwelling in our hearts and is a hallmark of the life of all believers.

I Choose - Part 3 - Joy

July 16, 2014

Do you ever feel like you can't control your emotions? Do you feel like happiness is missing throughout your day? Do you let your emotions talk charge of your day? In this message Adam unpacks how you can choose joy in the midst of any circumstance, and how your Joy is truth led and not experience led. Find joy in your life again as you discover the truth of Gods unmerited love, grace and favour in your life.

I Choose - Part 2 - Love

July 8, 2014

Most aspects of our lives are fuelled by something. Our physical bodies need food and rest and our minds need stimulus and activity. What ever fuel you decide to put into your body will dictate many ways in which your life is shaped. Do you struggle to see the desired out comes in your life? Do you want to see more of Gods fullness flow out of you and into your family? Be encouraged as Adam unfolds the truth of resting in what Christ has already completed and put in you!