I Choose - Part 1 - The Law of Love

June 30, 2014

Are we freed from the law to do what ever we please ? Is grace an all sufficient excuse for bad behaviour? Or is grace the empowerment to live right? By establishing the root of grace we are liberated  to live flowing in  the fruits of grace! 

Inside Out - Part 9 - Grace to change the world

June 24, 2014

Here is a key for your life - whatever God has given you, give it away. Change and personal growth as a christian is found whenever we take what God has done in our life and we give it away. This talk about Jesus and the 5000 will encourage you that grace has the ability to multiply every area of your life far beyond what a legalistic, self reliant attitude will ever do. This is your game changer.

Inside Out - Part 8 - Scandalous offensive grace

June 17, 2014

You will never see change if you think that you are going to be punished by God. Consequences for what we do is not the same as God punishing us. Do you know the difference? Andrew looks the story of the prodigal and we see that his turning point was not when he was at his lowest but when he caught sight of His fathers love for him - it was offensive to all who saw it but that is what changed him. Its the same for you - if you need to see change & breakthrough it will only turn when you see how much God loves you.

Inside Out - Part 7 - How Grace impacted me

June 9, 2014

When we give testimony to what God has done in us there is a prophetic element that releases faith in people who hear - the sense is "God - do it again - if you did it for them then it can happen for me"Chris, Paul & David are 3 men who attend Exchange. This week they tell their own stories of how grace impacted them. We pray that faith would rise in you and that you would know that there is a greater encounter of God's love, grace and power for you .

Inside Out - Part 6 - Grace never condemns you

June 3, 2014

No relationship ever flourishes in an atmosphere of disapproval. In our moments of failure what normally follows is a feeling of condemnation. The bible tells us that condemnation is the underlying belief that because of what we do we deserve to be punished. Here is the truth - God will NEVER punish a believer. Ever. He punished Jesus for us. If you think that God is going to condemn you or withdraw blessing then you have not understood how grace meets you in your moment of failure. A revelation of how Jesus deals with us in our very moments of failure leads us away from a pattern of failure and into victory & freedom