Easter Sunday - This Changes Everything

April 28, 2014

Easter is a day of hope. It is a day that speaks to us that whatever we are going through that darkness does not last. You may wonder how Easter is relevant to our modem 21st century lives and Andrew shows how the deepest needs of our lives are satisfied and met in the work of Jesus. If you need hope and encouragement this talk will really speak to you.

Impact Now - Part 4 - Giving grace leads to breakthrough

April 8, 2014

Some of us need less sight and more vision. If we do not capture in our hearts first & foremost what our purpose from God is then we will live in a selfish world that, even with God as a part of that, will never satisfy us. Our purpose is to be a people who just as we are receiving and learning how much God loves us, to make a choice to let that flow from us. We choose life. God says this a season of favour in your life so choose it!