Spirit Break Out Part 1 - The Spirit of Grace

November 26, 2013

A new series starting today. Do you need a breakthrough in your life? How is that going to happen for you? Christianity can be incredible frustrating and demoralising if the promises of God over our lives are only something we hear about and never live out ourselves. The access to seeing breakthrough is a life led by the Holy Spirit. In this talk Andrew Andrew shows how the Holy Spirit applies the work of Jesus on the cross to make it alive to us - He ministers the grace & love of God in your life. Be encouraged and know that there is so much more for you!

Robin Mark - 14 Levites

November 14, 2013

Guest speaker Robin Mark looks at the life of Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles and points us towards the picture that it paints of Jesus. Robin also looks at Hezekiahs priority to reestablish worship in the temple and the effect that has on the Jewish people. What impact does worship have on your life, when and where do you worship? Learn why a well established heart of worship will bless you and your family!

Multiply Part 5 - You can only keep what you give away

November 6, 2013

Andrew looks at one of the most confusing stories of Jesus in the last of this series. Jesus commends people who use their money to change their future. Your life may simply be going round in circles as you have not yet grasped the fact that God has given you the ability to change your future by using what he has put in your hands. This is a fantastic talk that gives a whole new perspective your money and shows you just how different your life could be.