Make Your Move - Week 6 - Know Your Terms

January 23, 2012

Andrew Toogood speaking.  As we learn to live in the fullness of God, remember that it doesn't mean you're going to see flash-bam miracles going on around you all the time.  Living a supernatural life means living in the blessing that God has promised in His word. Seeing that happen hangs on a very important point : living in the new covenant God made with us through Christ, not a new version of the old covenant where it was all about God rewarding or punishing us for things we did.  Everything that God requires has already been done!  So be encouraged, cease striving, rest in His presence, know that in your personal weakness He gets His chance to really shine, and let your life be an encounter with God through His new covenant.

Make Your Move - Week 5 - The Power of Thanks

January 16, 2012

It seems too simple to be true, but to experience the fullness of God in life, we need to remember to give thanks. You can have all the theological knowledge and understanding of God and his amazing love and grace towards all His creation - but if you fail to be thankful, you're missing out.  Being thankful keeps us focussed on Christ and not on ourselves.  Being thankful allows us to remember all the good God has done and the enormity of our seemingly difficult circumstances reduces.  Being thankful shows us that what He has done He can and will do again. Being thankful reminds us it is God's power & strength that supplies all we need and worrying does not.  This talk will encourage you to live a life of thanksgiving - which literally means, to be thinking on grace.

Make Your Move - Week 4 - Taking The Land, Part 1

January 9, 2012
Andrew Toogood speaking.  It's the start of a new year.  A time when many are thinking about the opportunities which lie ahead, but how many are seeing those opportunities in the context of an inheritance just waiting to be taken & enjoyed?  God's gift to you today is something brand new, something you've not experienced before. So leave jaded attitudes of your past experience behind and step into this new season of resting in the promises He's laid out for you.  It's then that the Kingdom of God can take its rightful place in your life and your normal will start to look different to the world's normal.  Let God go first, wholeheartedly follow Him into this new year in full assurance that He's got your back, and see the supernatural power of God become your natural way of life - an amazing testimony to God's love and grace.