2 Year Anniversary

November 28, 2011
Andrew & Penny Toogood speaking. This weekend Exchange celebrated it's 2nd anniversary as a church family. It has been an incredible time of building foundations and learning that we have a God who wants us all to understand that we all are called to do something significant with our lives. God has placed greatness in you and wants you at take a risk to start to release the kingdom of heaven n you and through you. Penny and Andrew talk about the challenges that you will face, the fears that can grip us when we want to step out and how we can overcome those.
This is your time to do something incredible. Be encouraged and inspired!

Kingdom Love Week 11 - More than words

November 21, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. In finishing off this series on Gods love Andrew looks at the whole are of why you must act on your revelation of how God loves you. If you are a christian who has heard the word but does not put it into action then you will never see the fullness fo God i your life. Gods love is not just an academic subject. It is not intellectualism. It is a life that demonstrates by what we do that we are people that are loved. Without action James says our "faith" is useless. Discover how to complete the process of seeing more of God, more fullness and more of the power of God in your real, every day life.

Kingdom Love Week 10 - Getting your faith to work

November 14, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Faith - seems like a really tricky subject. Most of us when we hear the word our first response is that we do not have enough of it. And that makes us feel bad. However the truth is something so much different and the truth will really set you free. God has designed life so that we as christians live by faith. That is how the christian life is meant to work. Many of us though have no idea how to activate faithlet alone live in the fullness of it in real life. Andrew shows today that this is more simple than you have probably ever imagined. God's love, favour and grace are the ignition points of your faith. Want to know how and why? Then listen in...

Kingdom Love Week 9 - Overcoming Unforgiveness Part 3

November 6, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. The last of the talks on dealing with unforgiveness. You cannot live in unforgiveness and see the fullness of God in your life. That is why God wants you to live in freedom. Andrew today looks a the very practical way that we practise forgiveness e.g. is it always necessary to confront people when they hurt you? What do you say to someone who has hurt you? Todays talk is very practical and looks at some things that we can all do to help us practise forgiveness as a way of doing life and not just a concept that we hear about. This talk will help you to every day to work out your freedom in real ways.