Proverbs Week 8 - Doing Good

August 21, 2011

Jelena Allsworth speaking.  Whenever we hear the word "doing", it's easy to get into a mindset where we think we need to do in order to receive.  Jesus flipped this concept on its head - we do good because we have received life from Him.  If you're struggling with seeing how the good works outlined in Proverbs and the rest of the Bible fit in with living a life of grace, this talk will encourage you to first know how much God loves you, and from there good works will naturally follow.  You'll find yourself doing good without even thinking about needing to do good, and that's just how God intends it to be.

Proverbs Week 7 - The right way to be angry

August 14, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. The world is an angry place and it is getting more angry. The truth is that it is God who placed in you the capacity to get angry but this has been distorted by the devil to create a situation where people today are angry at all the wrong things. the wrong kind of anger is serious in that left unchecked and unchallenged it will destroy you but used the godly way it will bring about massive positive changes in your life. God wants you angry - but not at people, HImself or yourself. Learn today another key from the word that will help you see the fullness of God in your life.

Proverbs Week 6 - Watch your mouth

August 8, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Andrew has spent the last 2 weeks looking at what it means to live by faith - because that is what God says is the way to make life work. Many people have not understood though that what we speak is an essential part of seeing the fullness of God in your life. If your reaction to this is "i have heard all this before" then stop! Proverbs tells us that our words carry the power of life and death - the power to help us flourish or to destroy what God is doing in our lives. This word will help you to activate and release the power of God into your situation. Only if you watch your mouth..