Connect Week 4 - Communion is powerful

May 30, 2011

Jill Boyd speaking. Communion is something that happens in Church regularly but many people miss the significance of what it means. Communion is a potent reminder of what binds us together as a family. Jill looks at the symbols involved and shows why an understanding of what they mean actually impacts your life every day. The powerful truths of communion and what happens when we share it with our church family reminds us of the incredible work of Jesus and the power to live that comes through that work for you. Have a look again at communion and what it means for you.

Connect Week 3 - Why you won’t make it without fellowship

May 22, 2011

Penny Toogood speaking. The church is not an organisation. It is a family that needs to be organised. That is a crucial difference that will help you to understand what church family is all about. Even if you have been hurt or disappointed in the past the truth remains that you simply will not make it to become all that you were made to be without meaningful fellowship. Self centered, selfish christianity is not what you were made for and though many people try to find excuses as to why they dont need the family of God the truth is that the word says that it is in the context of His family that you will see the fullness of God. Challenging but life bringing. Fellowship does not mean a boring meeting in a dusty church hall or something irrelevant to you - it is Gods way of dynamic living with each other that will help us to see the fullness of God in our lives. You will not make it without authentic, proper fellowship.

Connect week 2 - you were built to belong to God’s family

May 15, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. One of the prevailing attitudes today is that your personal happiness is the most important thing in life. The west is absorbed in self and a sense of rugged individualism. However God's plan & desire for you is to be fully planted in his family - that is where you flourish. Andrew looks at why if you do not belong to the family of God then you will never become all that you were created to be - you might still be saved but a full experience of grace & love is found with each other. Some of us need to let go of our past hurts and disappointments and get a view again of how God see's his family. Even with the increase in social media people are more lonely today than they have ever been. Why? you were built not just to connect but to belong. Challenging and insightful.

Connect week 1 - Whatever you might think this IS important

May 8, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. This is a new series about Church. Some people even when they hear that word have a bad reaction. The church is under attack today and may "christians" are the people doing the attacking. Why should the church matter to you? Being a christian is about way more than just believing - it is about belonging. It is only in Gods family that we really appreciate grace and love. In fact the bible is clear - we cannot say that we love God if we do not have love for our brothers and sisters. This series will challenge you again to think about Gods family and your place in it. When you are planted in Gods family you will flourish - that is the way that God designed it. No solo pilots but a family committed to loving God each other and the world.

Kingdom Healer Week 9 - How to Kill a Giant

May 1, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Finishing this Healer series off Andrew looks at what it takes to overcome tough situation that we face. In 1st Sam 17 we read the story of a young boy who faced a giant and won. Giants tower over us and their shadows can be cast over every area of our lives but there are some lesser known details hidden in this story that absolutely apply to us today. You were not made to sit paralysed in a camp whilst life situations get the better of you. You were made to see victory. You were made to slay giants. Learn some down to earth truth that will enable you to overcome whatever difficulties you are facing at the moment.