Kingdom: Healer week 5 - How to receive pt 1 - Position vs Performance

March 27, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Today everyone who has received Jesus lives in the benefit of the new covenant of God’s love and unmerited favour. Many people still live though with a mindset that tells them that their ability to receive from God is based on their performance. This can be a huge stumbling block in the area of healing. The word tells us that we are able to receive from God because of our new position in Christ and not because of what we do for Christ. Many “faith” movements have done little more than bind people further in legalism and condemnation, leaving many disillusioned and confused.

The simple truth is that when have a clear revelation of our position then we are free to live in what the word calls the rest of God - in peace, free from worry, fear & anxiety

Kingdom: Healer week 4 - Jesus healed them all

March 20, 2011

Andrew Toogood Speaking. An amazing thing today is that people talk about healing and the ministry of Jesus is something of an after thought. Many Christians wonder if God wants them well and they scratch their heads when asked that question. The bible tells us that Jesus is the exact replica of His father and what He did and said was only what he saw from His Father. Despite this many of us still are not sure. Andrew looks at key verses that have been used to state that Jesus was primarily interested in our sin and there is no provision for sickness in your body and shows why this view is simply not biblical. Some of us have swallowed a completely distorted view of Jesus and his work. The truth however will encourage you and help you understand more of why we believe that Jesus wants you whole. He healed them all and he will heal you too.

Kingdom: Healer week 3 - Sickness is not from God

March 13, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. How you view something will determine how you approach it. Many christians live with the idea that sickness might be from God. Maybe he uses it to teach us a lesson. Maybe it is actually for our good- its just that we do not understand the ways of God. It is this kind of thinking that has bound people in sickness and condemnation. The truth is completelt liberating. Sickness is evil and is not from God. It is not part of his plan and He does not will it for you to teach you anything. Is that in the bible? Listen and discover simple life changing truth that sickness is not from God. Andrew also looks at Isaiah 53. Again the truth of this is so simple - does it mean physical healing or not? Great truth to feed you and encourage you.

Kingdom: Healer week 2 - Unchanging God

March 6, 2011

Andrew Toogood Speaking. Life is about constant change - people, circumstances, thoughts, feelings.  This is the reality of life. Often what happens is that we think that God changes as much as everything else does. One of the fundamental foundations in the area of healing is understanding that Jesus Christ never changes and that he always acts perfectly consistently with his nature - somethings that we are just not used to in anyone else. This is an incredible foundation in the whole area of healing. Jesus will always act to make you whole. Truth that will set you free.