Kingdom: Healer week 1 - More?

February 27, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Our Kingdom series continues in the area of Healing. This is going to be an challenging and encouraging series about the incredible Kingdom of God and how you can live in the goodness of the work of Jesus. This series is about way more than healing - it is about the Healer. You will be challenged & encouraged  and learn about Gods incredible heart for you.  When Jesus announced the arrival of His Kingdom it illustrated something profound that has massive implications for us today :God in his very nature is Healer. He always has been. He always will be. He will never change. So where are you on this? Is your experience the truth or is what Jesus said the truth? Listen to discover the heart of God for you.

Hope - Expecting Good - Penny Toogood

February 20, 2011

Penny Toogood. Penny and Andrew are the Senior Pastors at Exchange Church and today is a very special day as they dedicate baby Hope, aged 4 months. Penny talks about Hope in the God sense, and how her often painful journey in the area of having children was a place where she encountered the love and grace of God and a became a place where she learned to trust in the love and goodness of God. This is where Hope comes from. Knowing that your Father loves you. Wherever you are at today, no matter how difficult, you too can confidently expect the goodness of God. A touching and moving talk that will encourage and bless you.

Authority Week 6 - How do I believe?

February 13, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking. Our authority given to us by God is not the same as magic. We are not called to be Christian Harry Potters who wave wands and things change. Our authority flows from our relationship with Jesus. He has place His authority in us and we appropriate it by believing. Many Christians get themselves tied up in knots over the whole issue of "do I have enough faith" and "do I believe enough". Andrew looks at what Jesus said about this and the answer is so simple it will set you free from bondage and fear about having enough "belief" so that you can flow in the authority that Jesus has given you.

Authority Week 5 - Authority in Real Life

February 6, 2011

Andrew Toogood speaking.  How do you as a normal christian see the power of the authority that Jesus has put in you released into your everyday world? Authority, when caught and understood, results in you taking action. In Mark 11 Jesus laid out some principles as to how we can use our authority. Many people have not understood this or do not do what Jesus said in this area as a normal course in their lives. To see the power of your authority in real life then it starts by doing what Jesus said.....