Kingdom: The Cross Week 6 - Rejection

November 28, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. Like shame and guilt living with rejection has very serious consequences it your life. It affects your health, your relationships, your mental state and your walk with God. Andrew looks at what rejection looks like in your life and how you can recognise these patterns in your life. Part of the amazing work of the cross is that Jesus was rejected so that you might be accepted. That foundation is the key to actually living free. This truth will transform you and your world.

Kingdom: The Cross Week 5 - Torn Curtain

November 21, 2010

Jill Boyd speaking. One of the incredible truths about the cross is the change that it brought about in how we could approach God and do life with Him. Rather than some grand new idea the cross simply brings us back to Gods original intention from the start of creation - We his people living in a flow of his blessing and goodness. Jill looks at what happened to the barriers between you and God and what happened as Jesus hung on the cross and how the way is now open for you to enjoy Gods original plan for us. You will be encouraged!

Kingdom: The Cross Week 4 - Guilt & Healing

November 15, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. Its amazing the effect that guilt has on people's lives. Guilt left unchallenged and not dealt with will eventually taint every area of your life - physical, mental and spiritual. Guilt is a major factor in mental illness but the cross has given us a way to deal with guilt that leads to freedom. On the cross Jesus took the condition & the feeling associated with guilt so that you can be free. Andrew also talk about healing. Many Christians and church's are not really sure what they believe in this area and change according to their experience. Andrew lays out the foundation for Exchange. This message will bring you hope and life.

Kingdom: The Cross Week 3 - Shame & Curse

November 7, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. Not many people know but shame has the potential to kill you - emotionally, spiritually and physically. On the cross Jesus took your shame and nailed it. Actually understanding what that means for you today will open the way for great change to happen. Shame is different from guilt and while many people understand that they often can feel unworthy they can struggle to know how to overcome it. Also Andrew looks at the whole idea of generational curses and why many people have been sold a lie in this area - When Jesus sets you free.....