Unlimited Week 4 - The God Equation

September 27, 2010

Guest Speaker Jeremy Harbinson. Jeremy is a Senior Partner in Harbinson Mulholland, a leading firm of Accountants and Business Advisors in Belfast. Today he is talking about what taking the limits off God has looked like in his life. Jeremy has incredible testimony in many areas including healing & finances. He has heart that ordinary men and women would capture that together with an extraordinary God that we can see the supernatural become our normal experience. You will certainly be inspired and encouraged.

Unlimited Week 3 - Closing your Eyes to Really See

September 20, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. Continuing on the theme of not limiting God in our lives Andrew looks at the role of imagination. Far from being the same as daydreaming or living in  unreality, God has given us imagination and it is critical to seeing the fullness of God in our lives. This teaching looks at the process that needs to happen to let your dreams actually come to be birthed..

Unlimited Week 2 - Love conquers Fear

September 13, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. Fear is no laughing matter. It is the number one strategy to rob you today of the promises that God speaks over your life. So much of the world around us operates on the basis of fear that we absorb patterns of thinking and operating that are really anti-Kingdom. what is the answer? Some say more faith, but in truth the word of God gives us a simple solution that will radicalise us and help us to really overcome fear.....

Unlimited Week 1 - Called to More

September 8, 2010

Andrew Toogood starts a new series by looking at how we can limit God. God has called us to full abundant life and perhaps the reason that many do not live like that is found in scripture - we can limit God. Andrew looks at the area of Sovereignty and how some Christians have misunderstood what this actually means...