Parable - The Prodigal

August 31, 2010

Jim Young concludes the Parable series with the Prodigal. This story highlights the incredible love of the Father for his son. So many people today need to know this message about the heart of a father that is driven by love for his children

Parable Week 7 - The Wineskins

August 23, 2010

Some areas of the church have been focused for many years on the "next big thing" that God is going to do..  Penny looks at this parable and suggests that the new wine that Jesus talked about is the most important revelation that we can get hold of. The thing is though the old and the new just will not mix.....

Parable Week 6 - The Rich Fool

August 16, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. God always acts for your good but this parable on the surface may seem that God is being hard on us.   In this parable Jesus talks about the problem that greed causes and how a better way to live is to be rich towards God. This is how we overcome one of the biggest obstacles that we face in life - ourselves!

Parable Week 5 - Talents

August 9, 2010

This parable reveals some fantastic truths about Jesus and His Heart for you. Many people feel guilty that they are not "doing enough" for God and that somehow that means that He is disappointed with them. Jesus reveals some insights into the Fathers heart for you and there is some great truth about what He has actually put inside of EVERY believer...