transformed week 10 - transformed world

June 20, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. All this talk about Grace.... does it actually make any difference in the real world? What about when things are tough with people? Does his grace stuff work then? Andrew looks at how our response is based on how much revelation we have understood...  and how more revelation of unmerited favour in your life will transform your world...

transformed week 10 - Getting your head round it..

June 14, 2010

your mind is the key to walking in all this truth. How do you shape and frame your thinking so that you come into line with the truths that Paul has been talking about? The biggest struggle we all face is in our heads first and foremost. It is clear - it all starts with your thoughts and getting those into line will be the key to coming into everything that God has for you...

transformed - Romans 9-11 - What do you believe first?

June 7, 2010

Andrew Toogood speaking. Paul reveals some fantastic truths about why you need be fully convinced of your righteousness  - your state of being completely acceptable to God. Without that grounding it is very difficult to receive in full what Jesus has for you. Are you standing in faith for something? Maybe the truth outlined here will help you see your breakthrough...