transformed week 7 Romans 8 Pt 2

May 30, 2010

Jill continues by loooking at the 4 amazing verses in Romans 8. This is all about how to practically apply these great truths so that they make a difference and help you to walk in freedom.

Paul writes "if God is for us who can be against us?" Incredible application of how we get to the stage in our walk where this is our own experience!

transformed week 6 - Freedom [Love] Romans 8

May 23, 2010

The victory chapter. - After telling us why sin and legalism will kill us and never bring us to freedom Paul describes the incredible victory of Jesus in this chapter. So many amazing truths this week.... if God is for us who can stand against us? Jill Boyd speaking..

transformed week - Freedom [LAW] Romans 7

May 16, 2010

Ever asked yourself why you sometimes do things that you do not want to do? Ever found yourself struggling to break habits, find a new way of behaving, and being free? Stuck in a cycle of guilt? You can find a new way to live in your freedom.  Some people think Paul was saying that he was a slave to sin and that is what are same problem is today. The truth though is something different

transformed week 4 - Freedom [SIN]

May 12, 2010

Sin. A word often used and seldom understood. What is it about and more importantly is it really true that it is defeated? What about when we do things we know we should not? Romans 6 is full of incredible truth about the work of Jesus - and this truth will set you free