transformed week 3 - Rescued

April 26, 2010

Romans 3 vs 21 - Romans 5.  Jill Boyd Speaking.

The truth of what Paul starts to reveal in these chapters is so counter cultural to 21st Century christian living that many simply reject out of hand. Why is it that we struggle with what Paul offers as Gods solution? It is radical, it is clear and and we must let the whole truth get us..

After all, there might just be such a thing as a free lunch..

transformed week 2 - SOS

April 18, 2010

Andrew looks at Romans 1 vs 18 - Romans 3 vs 20. How do you change? How do you get other people to change? At  the very start of the book outlines that everyone is in trouble. People who don't know Jesus and the religious people too...  Religion has told us that the way out is to obey the laws but Paul starts to blow the lid on that. Some surprising massive truths early on in the story...

Intro To Spiritual Gifts - Whats the deal? WEDNESDAY NIGHT TEACHING FROM EXCHANGE

April 16, 2010

On Wednesday Nights at Exchange we gather for worship and more informal, practical teaching. We are currently looking at the practical work of the Holy Spirit and this week Andrew looks at an intro to Spiritual Gifts. What are they for? Are they even relevant? Can you do without them?

Practical and informative teaching.

transformed week 1 - I am not ashamed

April 11, 2010

The book of Romans is a masterpiece of grace. In this book the apostle Paul, articulate and intelligent, presents the case for the work of Jesus in a clear and     forthright manner. The Book of Romans tells us about God, who He is and what He has done. It tells us of Jesus Christ, what His death accomplished. It tells us about ourselves, what we were like without Christ and who we are after trusting in Christ.

Getting a clear grip of this book will revolutionise your walk. It is about the essential message of Jesus and his work.

Easter - Hope (Because He Lives)

April 6, 2010

Andrew talks about the Hope that comes to us today. The world is short on Hope. Easter Sunday is a day above all others to let Hope rise as we remember that Jesus is no longer dead but alive and because of that ALL the fullness of God and His Kingdom is available for us today.

What difference will that make to your life? Some great truths to encourage you that today you can lift your head, your heart, dream again and let Hope rise in you.