fixed week 2 - going backwards to move forwards

November 29, 2009

preparing your heart to follow God is a very practical thing. Andrew looks at 2 ways that we can prepare our hearts and how that will keep our hearts sensitive to God. As we do this more then we will be people who move into the future that God has for us!

fixed week 1 - prepare your heart

November 23, 2009

Most Christians don't drift in life on purpose. God tells us to fix our hearts so that we do not miss out on his purposes for us, for our church and for the world around us. This is practical teaching about being a people who are not tossed about by life but are fixed on Jesus.

Flow Week 10 - Faith works through Love

November 16, 2009

Finishing the series on the love of God, this week is about how faith works through Love. Paul writing to the Galatians encourages us to stand firm in our freedom whereas many christians are battling to "increase their faith" when the word of God tells us that faith works through an understanding of how God loves us.

flow week 9 - practical forgiveness

November 9, 2009

we all will agree with the idea that is a good thing to forgive people. How though do we actually do that in real life? What does forgiveness look like when it is walked out each day? There are some very practical aspects to forgiveness that will help us to stay free.

Flow Week 8 - its hard to forgive pt 2

November 1, 2009

continuing to look at why walking in forgiveness is so incredibly important - what is an enemy and how could Jesus ask us to love our enemies. What happens if we do?