Make your move - Wk 7 : Jericho, Part 1 : Overcoming Life’s Battles

April 9, 2013

Andrew Toogood speaking.

The biggest battle many of us face when God shows you what He has for you and how He wants your life to be, is unbelief.  Just like the Israelites on their journey to take the promised land, obstacles stand in our way.

The city of Jericho symbolised idolatry and unbelief, and shows us that if we don't overcome these we can't enter into the fullness of what God has promised us. Jericho wasn't large, but if they had chosen to ignore it, they would always have been looking over their shoulders, wondering when the armies of Jericho would catch up with them.

So as impossible as it appeared to the human mind, being led by the supernatural power of God meant victory was theirs, without even lifting a spear, because God had already laid out the path for them to take should they choose to walk in it.

This talk will encourage you as you leave behind your insecurities and fears and walk into the blessing God has laid out ahead of you because He's already done the work through the Cross.

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