Christmas Part 1 - The Song of the Angels

Christmas Part 1 - The Song of the Angels

December 20, 2017

It is all so familiar that we miss the incredible meaning of it all. When the angels appeared to the Shepherds at the birth of Jesus they announced some pretty huge news about how we would forever relate to God - all of the expectation of humanity would be met in Jesus and the angels announced to those who probably thought they were excluded from it all. Find out about the pictures of grace for you this Christmas

Victory - Week 4 - “ALEPH TAV”

Victory - Week 4 - “ALEPH TAV”

December 13, 2017

What do you do after you fail? What do you turn to? Sometimes we can question if Jesus is for us especially after failure. David shows us how to handle our weakness and what happens when we find a place of refuge. We see that in the hebrew language that Jesus has always been there - from the very first verse of the bible to the very end and that shows us that He has been with you always.

Victory - Week 3  - Stuart’s Testimony

Victory - Week 3 - Stuart’s Testimony

December 4, 2017

This week we had a powerful testimony from Stuart - a member of Exchange. It is a story of the power of love to change the most difficult and painful life stories that we could ever imagine. You will be amazed at how Jesus loved and restored Stuart and his wife and how Jesus and His grace is more powerful than anything you may be facing. Truly humbling and inspirational.

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