MISSIØ DEI Part 3 = How Grace transforms the ordinary

September 22, 2014

This is for all the normal people out there. Do you feel ordinary? Do ordinary things every day? What does grace have to do with ordinary people? Jesus did not come for the superstars alone but for ordinary people. In this story from Luke 5, Andrew talks about grace invading the lives of normal people doing normal things. People who were not even looking for God and how Jesus & His grace transformed, envisioned and radically altered lives forever. This is for all the "ordinary" people

MISSIØ DEI Part 2 = Grace is good news not just good advice

September 16, 2014

Christians are primarily concerned with WHAT they are doing. Jesus at the start of His ministry in Luke 4 told people WHY HE had come. When you understand WHY you do something it makes the WHAT you are doing make much more sense. The message of why we are here today is a message of freedom, deliverance, forgiveness, wholeness & hope. It is the best news that any man, woman or child could ever receive. It is not just good advice - it is amazing news of an amazing new era of grace & love from God to man. This will change your world.

MISSIØ DEI - God’s plan for all is grace

September 10, 2014

What was the plan of God from the very beginning for your life & the people in your world? It was to be transformed by His love & grace and to pour that into the world. In the Charismatic church in particular we have fallen into 2 traps - performance christianity and experience thrill seekers. Jesus though showed a different way. Andrew teaches from the story of Zacchaeus that our mission is the same as Jesus - transform the world with grace. Learn how to live in freedom & stability no matter what comes your way