What on Earth? Messenger..

January 24, 2010

Looking at why if we fail to look past ourselves then the danger is that we can end up living a christian life that is really no different to the world around us. That can mean a lack of fulfilment, passion and real frustration. "going into the world" might just be the difference..

What on Earth? Week 3 - All about Ministry

January 19, 2010

The kingdom of God is an upside down KIngdom. While the world worries about how to sort themselves out and get in front, Jesus had a different view of what would bring full life...  We are free to choose our own way or do what Jesus did. The difference is clear...

What on Earth? Introduction

January 7, 2010

What on earth are you here for at this time, in this place with this group of people? Purpose simply means the reason why something and someone exists and when we live out of Gods purposes for us then we start to live the life that God has for us. Some people simply have a life measured by success whereas God has a life of significance for us. Living for yourself of=r do what Jesus did and do the purposes of His Father - life in all its fullness.